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IB Theatre - Research Presentation (first assessment 2024): Get started!

This guide provides resources for the Research Presentation external assessment task for IB Theatre (first assessment 2024).

Introduction to the IB Theatre Research Presentation

This guide provides resources for the Research Presentation External Assessment task for IB Theatre (first assessment 2024).

On this page, see:

IB Resources - Handouts and assessment rubric

World Theatre Traditions Gallery

At-a-Glance: Research Presentation

For help with choosing and researching a world theatre tradition, see:

World Theatre Traditions Sources

For help with focusing on one practical convention, see:

Traditional Conventions

For details on the assessment task process see:

Task & Structure

For guidance on traditional performance material (TPM), see:

Traditional Performance Material

For details on the role of reflection in this task, see:

Theatre Journal

For help with your research and writing, see:


For help with your references, see:

Citing Your Sources

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Quick Links

World Theatre Traditions Gallery

Italian and French Comedians Playing in Farces, 1670 - Britannica ImageQuest

17th Century French farce, France

Kris Dancers in a Barong performance struggle with their weapons. In the story, the weapons has been turned against him by the witch Rangda.

Barong (or Rangda) dance, Indonesia

Traditional pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk - Britannica ImageQuest

British pantomime, United Kingdom

Beijing Opera Theater on tour. 'Picking Up the Jade Bracelet'. Fu Peng and Sun Yujiao fall in love at first sight. - Britannica ImageQuest

Cantonese, Yueju, or Peking opera (Jingju), China

Commedia dell'arte. The love letter - Britannica ImageQuest

Commedia dell’arte, Italy

Elizabethan theatre

Elizabethan theatre, England

Puppets for Thai puppetry (hun lakhon lek) - Britannica ImageQuest

Hun lakhon lek puppetry, Thailand

Village opera in sundarban.(jatra). India - Britannica ImageQuest

Jatra, Bangladesh

Kabuki, Minamyza Theatre, Kyoto, Japan - Britannica ImageQuest

Kabuki, Japan

Traditional Turkish shadow puppets -

Karagöz shadow puppetry, Turkey

Kathakali, India

Performance of the famous Balinese 'Kecak' dance, Bali, Indonesia

Kecak, Indonesia

Traditional Khon dancers, Thailand - Britannica ImageQuest

Khon dance drama, Thailand

A scene from a Kyogen play, a light form of drama associated with Noh - Britannica ImageQuest

Kyōgen farce, Japan

Devendra Sharma Nautanki Folk Opera Ensemble

Nautanki, India

Performance at the Noh Theatre of the Kongo School, Kyoto - Britannica ImageQuest

Noh theatre, Japan

Pastorela Tradicional Mexicana - Secretaría de Cultura de la Ciudad de México

Pastorela, Mexico

Rakugo show, the story about a samurai that tried some very tasty sanma in Meguro - OpenVerse, Creative Commons

Rakugo “sit down” theatre, Japan

Masked dance drama, Wando Island, South Korea - Britannica ImageQuest

Talchum mask dance, Korea

File:Miroto (topeng dance).jpg

Topeng dance, Bali

1942: British actor, Roger Snowdon choking on charcoal fumes as Badger, a character in 'The Streets of London', during a production of the Victorian melodrama in London - Britannica ImageQuest

Victorian melodrama, England

Two Wayang golek, wooden puppets used in traditional puppet theater in Java, Indonesia - Britannica ImageQuest

Wayang golek puppetry, Indonesia, Malaysia

Dalang or puppeteer at Wayang Kulit (Shadow Puppet Play) in Bali, Indonesia

Wayang kulit shadow puppetry, Indonesia, Malaysia

At-a-Glance: Research Presentation

Excerpt from "The Task in a Nutshell", p. 4, Research Presentation, Student Information Booklet, IBDP Theatre, First Assessment 2024, by Kieran Burgess. The booklet is available for download on his website here.


SL 30% ~ HL 20%

You will work independently to research an unfamiliar theatre tradition from the IB's prescribed list.

You will:

  • Choose and research a world theatre tradition that you have not previously studied, focusing on one practical convention.
  • Physically explore the chosen convention and demonstrate this process in your presentation.
  • Experiment with the application of your convention to Traditional Performance Material (TPM).
  •  Reflect on how your performance skills and your understanding of theatre in the world have developed as a result of this project.

The presentation must be under 15 minutes long, and can be filmed in either one unedited take, or split into three recordings (one for each criterion) filmed at different times. Ensure that your tradition is chosen only from the list in the IB Theatre guide, and ensure that your one chosen convention is a performance one: i.e. it must center on the performer's use of body, voice or manipulation of tradition-specific objects.

This is an oral presentation, given to camera and, if you and your teacher wish, a live audience. Care must be taken to cite the sources used both at the point of use in the presentation, and in a list of references submitted separately.

See Citing Your Sources

IB Resources - Handouts & Assessment Rubric


This guide is based on the Research Presentation Student Information Booklet for IB DP Theatre (First Assessment 2024) created by Kieran Burgess


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