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IB Theatre - Research Presentation (first assessment 2024): TPM (Traditional Performance Material)

This guide provides resources for the Research Presentation external assessment task for IB Theatre (first assessment 2024).

Key Terminology: Traditional Performance Material (TPM)

Reference book - Britannica ImageQuestTraditional performance material

Traditional performance material (written, oral, physical) is traditionally performed within that theatre tradition. The performance material where the convention appears is used by the student to guide their practical exploration of, and experimentation with, the convention. Please note: the traditional performance material is intended to be chosen and used as an aid to better understanding of the chosen performance convention, rather than as material to be performed.

Excerpt from "Experimentation", p. 9, Research Presentation, Student Information Booklet, IBDP Theatre, First Assessment 2024, by Kieran Burgess. The booklet is available for download on his website here.


Criterion Bii of the Research Presentation requires you to demonstrate experimentation with TPM (Traditional Performance Material). This is where you show an understanding of how the performer's skills apply in the original context of the tradition. Any performance material that is typical for the tradition is valid. For some traditions, there may be scripts that are closely associated. Others may not have published scripts, but instead relied on common storiesscenarios, or myths. For example, a common scene in Wayang Kulit may have portrayed a farmer struggling with a recent drought. Or a recurring lazzo in Commedia may show a character losing his master's money. Scripts for these scenarios are unlikely to exist from the time, but if your research shows that the scenario was a popular one, you are free to use it. Whatever TPM you use, ensure you are demonstrating live a handful of options for how you could use your performance skill in that extract to faithfully recreate this little slice of the tradition.  

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