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NoodleTools How-to Guide: Share a Project with Your Teacher

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How to Share Your Project with Your Teacher


Your teacher may ask you to share your project. This gives your teacher the ability to look at your work and send you helpful feedback. Your teacher will give you the inbox’s name to type in when sharing your project.

Step 1.

On the Projects screen, Click the "Add" (plus sign) icon in the "Sharing" column for the project.

How to share a project, figure 1

Step 2.

In the panel that opens, click the Share button under "Share with an inbox."

How to share a project, figure 2

Step 3.

Enter the inbox's name that your teacher provided to you. The inbox name will auto-complete as you begin to type so that you can select it from the list. Fill in your name if necessary, to allow your teacher to identify who you are (the field may be auto-filled from your user profile).

Step 4.

Click Done. The panel updates with information about your shared project. Close the panel. An inbox icon appears in the "Sharing" column for the project. To edit the information, click on the inbox icon.

How to share a project, figure 3

Hint 1

If you cannot find your teacher's inbox, ask your teacher for help.

Hint 2

If your project is shared with the wrong inbox, you can still try again and add the correct inbox. Click "Share" again and enter the correct inbox's name. The recipient can remove your project if it was incorrectly shared with their inbox.

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