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NoodleTools How to Guide: Identify Primary & Secondary Sources

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How to Identify Primary, Secondary or Tertiary Sources

Each source list entry can be described as a primary, secondary or tertiary source. Once you have labeled sources, you can sort the list so that all of the primary sources are grouped together, followed by all of the secondary sources and then the tertiary sources. 

Apply descriptions to sources

Only one description can be applied to a source. If you apply the description Secondary source to a source that was already labeled Primary source, the new description will replace the old one.

1. Mark the checkboxes next to the sources to label.
2. In the Description menu at the bottom of the screen, select an attribute: Primary sourceSecondary source, or Tertiary source.

Identifying primary, secondary, and tertiary sources

3. Click Apply.
4. The attribute label will appear in the Description column of your source list for each of the entries that you selected. In the image below, a secondary source label is applied.

Attribute label applied to source

Sort sources by their descriptions

Mouse-over the attribute label next to your source reference. On the popup that appears, click Sort. 

Sort sources by their attribution

Remove descriptions from sources

Mouse-over the attribute label next to your source reference. On the popup that appears, click Remove. 

Remove source descriptions

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