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Extended Essay: Step 1. Choose a Subject

A guide to the research and writing process required for students completing the IB Extended Essay.

Choosing a Subject for Your Extended Essay

Curved road ahead signs - Britannica ImageQuestChoose a subject and topic that interests you - something you're personally invested in - so you'll stay motivated throughout the EE process.  You should be able to explain and identify to others what you're interested in and why.

WSA students are encouraged to choose one of the following Diploma Programme subjects for their Extended Essays:

  • Dance
  • Global Politics
  • Literature and Performance
  • Mathematics
  • Studies in Language and Literature
  • Theatre 
  • Visual Arts

Need help in deciding which subject to choose for your EE?  

See Step 2. Educate Yourself! for: EE guides for each subject, along with IB Subject Concepts for EE writers and Subject Command Terms lists.  You can also find other important IB documents giving guidance for researching and writing your essay.

WSA students wishing to write an Extended essay in a different IB subject, or a World Studies Extended Essay, need to complete an Individual EE Proposal - Request for Alternate Subject Form and submit it to the EE Coordinator, Susan Trower. 

Twelve-step Plan for Researching the Extended Essay - Step 1

1.  Choose an available Diploma Programme subject for the extended essay for the session in question.


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