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College Admissions

College admissions isn't a mysterious process, but it is one that requires lots of due diligence and digital paperwork.  Students need to combine self-reflection with solid research on post-secondary opportunities that match them on a range of factors.  No two college search processes are the same and students should look beyond the latest “ranking” and “name-brand” to find more meaningful measures of college fit.

WSA students on a college tourSee this page to find information on:

SCOIR - WSA's college guidance management system

Starting the Conversation - "We Need to Talk College"

College, Scholarship, and Career eBooks

Vocations and Careers - Articles

Where do WSA graduates go to college?

University of Washington - Britannica ImageQuestSee this guide for information on:

What's Going On with Standardized Tests?

College Testing

College Majors

Visiting Colleges

Choosing a College

Applying to College

Paying for College

Succeeding at College

Recommended Books for Students

Recommended Books for Families

Recommended Reading - Articles

Starting the Conversation - "We Need to Talk College"

Where do WSA Graduates go to college?

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West Sound Academy uses a college guidance management system called Scoir (pronounced "score"). This online system streamlines the process of requesting, processing, sending and tracking the electronic delivery of all application-related documents. WSA parents and students can also use SCOIR to schedule visits and assist throughout the search and selection process. 

College, Scholarship, and Career - eBooks

Vocations and Careers - Articles


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