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Summer Reading 2020: 9th Grade Reads

Summer reading information and booklists for WSA students in grades 6-12 in Fall, 2020.

Recommended Summer Reading

Over the summer rising 9th graders are required to read TWO books from the Recommended Reading list. Each book has to be from a different genre.

See Ms. Nordleaf's letter to 9th graders for instructions, or see the box belowQuestions? Email Ms. Nordleaf 

Click the links below to go to the different genres of books in this year's list!

Books - Britannica ImageQuest

Wormhole event - Britannica ImageQuest

Sherlock Holmes illustration - Britannica ImageQuest

Seated man reading a book, 1888 - Britannica ImageQuest

Balancing rock in the Valle de las Rocas, near Uyuni, Altiplano, Andean Triangle, Bolivia - Argentina - Chile, South America - Britannica ImageQuest

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Sci-Fi / Dystopian
& Fantasy Fiction

Historical Fiction
& Mysteries


Poetry, Prose, & Novels in verse

Graphic Novels

Summer Reading Assignment for Rising 9th Graders

Here is Ms. Nordleaf's challenge to rising 9th graders:  read two different genres of literature this summer. Students are required to read at least two of the books from the Recommended Reading List for 9th Grade and have a conversation with a family member about that book.

You are required to read two different genres.  
Here is what that might look like:


Read one fiction book from the list and one book of poetry.


Read one graphic novel based on non-fiction and one mystery that is fiction.


Read one dystopian fiction and one graphic novel.


The options are endless.


In preparation for 9th Grade English class in the Fall,
you are required to complete two assignments with your reading:


  1. Prepare quotes from ONE of your chosen books for a writing assignment that Ms. Nordleaf will give in September.
  2. Produce a creative book response for your favorite book you read.

Books and two cushions on an armchair - Britannica ImageQuestQuotes from the book. As you read, gather five quotes. You will be using these as notes for a paragraph you will write in September. Specifically, prepare by doing the following:

  • Write down five quotes that seem important to the book or that are interesting to you.
  • After each quote, write down what interests you about it, or why you chose it.

The creative book response. This response is intended to develop your connection to the book in a creative way. Read this article by Diana Mitchell, Fifty Alternatives to the Book Reportfor fifty different options for doing this.  

Some examples might include writing a letter to a character and getting one back, creating a travel brochure for 18th century Ghana or 19th century Mississippi, writing a news article about a significant event from the book, or making a movie trailer. 

The point of the book project is partly to give you an imaginative way to process your chosen book. It’s also a way for Ms.Nordleaf to see your interests and creativity, to see the kinds of connections you make, and to get a glimpse into what kind of learner you are. The project is not intended to stress you out! For this reason, please spend no more than a couple hours on the creative book response (unless you’re having a blast creating it!)


To summarize, you are required to do the following before you arrive at West Sound Academy in the Fall:


STABLE EQUILIBRIUM, STACK OF BOOKS ON TABLE EDGE Relating Center of Gravity to Area of Support - Britannica ImageQuest

  1. Get copies of your books, from Amazon or your local independent bookstore or Kitsap Regional Library, and read them.
  2. Write down 5 quotes as you read from your favorite book.
  • Write down five quotes that seem important to the book or that are interesting to you.
  • After each quote, write down what interests you about it, or why you chose it.
  1. Produce a creative book response.

If you have questions or concerns, email Ms. Nordleaf at

9th Grade Reading List & Assignments

Over the summer rising 9th graders are required to read two books from the Recommended Reading list. Each book has to be from a different genre. 
Summer Reading Assignments


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