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World Cultures - 6th/7th Grade: Home

Information and resources for the 6th/7th Grade World Cultures class.

Course Description

The 6th/7th World Cultures class is an introduction to a variety of languages and cultures from around the world. Students will:

Multilingual sign reading Change in English, German, Spanish, French and Italian - Britannica ImageQuest

  • learn to better understand the terminology of English grammar 
  • explore the richness of many languages, including Latin, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and other non-Romance, and non-Indo-European languages
  • familiarize themselves with concepts of linguistics, language history, and general grammar
  • learn basic words and expressions in the different languages,
  • gain an understanding of the countries and peoples associated with them
  • play language games
  • work on independent projects and presentations
  • have fun!


Sara Adams - World Cultures teacher

Sara Adams

Room  R5

Ryan Hall


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