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IB Theatre - Solo Theatre Piece (last assessment 2023): An Example: Theatre Based on Theory

This guide provides resources for the Solo Theatre Piece (Task 1) external assessment for IB Theatre (last assessment 2023)

An Example: Theatre Based on Theory

Watch two or more of the videos, which show the same performer presenting five different versions of the same piece of text (Ophelia from Shakespeare’s Hamlet), informed by different theorists (Antonin Artaud, Bertolt Brecht, Peter Brook, Jerzy Grotowski and Constantin Stanislavski). Ask yourself:

How has theory informed practice to create these five very different theatre experiences?

How have design, direction, and performance been used?

Source: “National Theatre: Five Truths - Theatre Practitioners”. 14 February 2012.

Five Truths: Constantin Stanislavski

Five Truths: Jerzy Grotowski

Five Truths: Peter Brook

Five Truths: Bertolt Brecht

Five Truths: Antonin Artaud


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