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IB Theatre - Solo Theatre Piece (last assessment 2023): Other Resources

This guide provides resources for the Solo Theatre Piece (Task 1) external assessment for IB Theatre (last assessment 2023)

Online Resources for the IB Theatre Solo Theatre Piece

IB Resources for Task 1: Solo Theatre Piece

Task 1: (Solo theatre piece) (HL only) "requires students to create a fully produced piece of theatre based on theatre theory. Students submit a report (maximum 3,000 words) which includes their research into and understandings of the theorist, the theory and the context of the theorist’s work. It also records their practical explorations of the selected aspect(s) of theory, the development of the solo theatre piece and evaluation of the theatre piece and its implications on their learning in theatre." - IB Theatre Guide, First assessment 2017, p. 33. 


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