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IB Theatre - Solo Theatre Piece (last assessment 2023): Definitions

This guide provides resources for the Solo Theatre Piece (Task 1) external assessment for IB Theatre (last assessment 2023)

Theatre Theorist

Convex lens of magnifying glass - Britannica ImageQuestA theatre theorist is a theatre practitioner who has contributed to the shaping and development of theatre through his or her published work and ideas (primary sources). In addition, there are published works by others (secondary sources) regarding the theatre theorist’s contributions, ideas and the impact they have had on theatre practice, signifying that the theatre theorist’s work has had implications beyond his or her own practice and an impact on theatre in general. Theatre theorists will often present frameworks, approaches, techniques and models of practice. They will often develop existing theatre practice or shed a new light on it, as well as innovating new forms and approaches.

Solo Theatre Piece

A solo theatre piece is a piece of theatre created, designed, directed and performed by an individual.

Theatre Theory

Theatre theory relates to ideas that inform the creation, performance and presentation of theatre. It encompasses ideas about theatre as an art form, genre, style, theatre processes and theatre practices.

An Aspect of Theatre Theory

An aspect of theatre theory refers to one particular strand of a theatre theorist’s work. It may be an idea, a process, a series of exercises, a stylistic element, a convention, a technique or an approach.


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