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IB Theatre - Solo Theatre Piece (last assessment 2023): Get started!

This guide provides resources for the Solo Theatre Piece (Task 1) external assessment for IB Theatre (last assessment 2023)

Introduction to the IB Theatre Solo Theatre Piece

This guide provides resources for the Solo Theatre Piece, External Assessment (Task 1) for IB Theatre. On this page, see:

IB Resources - Handouts, graphic organizers and assessment rubric 

Information on WSA databases:

Digital Theatre Plus - Research theorists here!
Artstor - find Theatre and Dance Resources

Examples of assessed student work:

Example 1 - report, video, assessment
     Theorist: Robert Lepage
     Aspect of theory:
Use of multimedia
Example 2 - report, video, assessment
Konstantin Stanislavsky
     Aspect of theory:
Emotion Memory

Example 3 - report, video, assessment
     Theorist: Augusto Boal
     Aspect of theory:
Newspaper Theatre

See other pages in this guide for help with aspects of the Solo Theatre Piece:

An Example: Theatre Based on Theory

How to Create a Solo Theatre Performance
Other Resources
Evaluating the Presentation

For help with your research and writing, see:

Annotated Bibliography
MLA Parenthetical and in-text Citations

Example 1 - Theorist: Robert Lepage

Solo theatre piece, example 1 - theorist: Robert LepageTheorist: Robert Lepage

Aspect of theory: Use of multimedia

Example 2 - Theorist: Konstantin Stanislavsky

Example 2, Solo theatre piece - Theorist: Konstantin Stanislavsky

Theorist: Konstantin Stanislavsky

Aspect of theory: Emotion memory

IB Resources for Task 1: Solo Theatre Piece

Task 1: (Solo theatre piece) (HL only) "requires students to create a fully produced piece of theatre based on theatre theory. Students submit a report (maximum 3,000 words) which includes their research into and understandings of the theorist, the theory and the context of the theorist’s work. It also records their practical explorations of the selected aspect(s) of theory, the development of the solo theatre piece and evaluation of the theatre piece and its implications on their learning in theatre." - IB Theatre Guide, First assessment 2017, p. 33. 

Example 3 - Theorist: Augusto Boaz

Solo Theatre Piece, Example 3 - Theorist: Augusto BoazTheorist: Augusto Boal

Aspect of theory: Newspaper Theatre

Theatre and Dance Resources on Artstor

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DT+ - Research Theorists Here!

Digital Theatre Plus has streaming video of theatre performances, but there's so much more! You'll find video, audio, and full text articles on Titles (Plays and Productions), Genres, Themes, and People.  

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  • Course - Adaptation, American Theatre, Contemporary Performance, European Theatre, Gender & Performance, Introduction to Theatre, Performance Art, Race & Performance, Rehearsal Process, Social and Emotional Learning, Technical Theatre, World Theatre
  • Theme - Coming of Age, Conflict, Courage & Heroism, Love, Power, Redemption, Revenge
  • Form - Applied Theatre, Commedia dell'arte, Dance, Devised Theatre, Epic Theatre, Expressionism, Farce, Immersive Theatre, Intercultural Theatre, Modernism, Naturalism, Opera, Physical Theatre, Poetry, Political Theatre, Popular Theatre, Poor Theatre, Postdramatic Theatre, Realism, Site-Specific Theatre, Theatre of the Absurd, Verbatim Theatre

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