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IB Theatre - Collaborative Project (last assessment 2023): Collaborative Creation of Original Theatre

This guide provides resources for the Collaborative Project Internal Assessment for IB Theatre (last assessment 2023).

Approaches to the Collaboration Creation of Theatre

Catalan theatre group La Fura Dels Baus - Britannica ImageQuestThink about your own experience of collaboratively creating original work. How did you approach it? What guided your work? How did you work together? What exercises did you use?

On the Professional Companies page of this guide are links to many companies that collaboratively create original theatre.  Examine how these companies collaboratively create original work. How do they approach it? What guides their work? How do they work? What exercises do they use?

On this page, see:

IB Handouts for Task 4, the Collaborative Project

Articles from the journal Theatre Topics on devising theatre

Articles on Devising Theatre from 'Theatre Topics'

IB Theatre - Collaborative Project


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