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Copyright and Image Use in the Artstor Digital Library: Images for Publication

This LibGuide outlines the safe ways to use images from the Artstor Digital Library according to their Terms and Conditions of Use, how to identify the sources of images you are working with, and how to find and use images for publications.

Using Artstor images in publications: an overview

Bruce Nauman, Human/Need/Desire, 1983. The Museum of Modern Art, c2009, Bruce Nauman, ARS, New York​Artstor does not own the rights to any of the images included in the Artstor Digital Library. Because of this, our permitted uses do not include use of Artstor Digital Library images in publications such as in books, magazines, and scholarly articles for most images in our collections.

However, a subset of images in Artstor are available for use in publications:

1. Approximately 40,000 images included in the Images for Academic Publishing Program (IAP).

2. Approximately 350,000 images from the Metropolitan Museum of Art made available through Artstor pursuant to the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.

Read on for details about using images from these two categories in publications, and to learn what you can do when the image you'd like to use does not fall into either of them.

Images for Academic Publishing (IAP)

The Images for Academic Publishing (IAP) program allows you to download high resolution TIFF files for use in publications. 

To find IAP images, enter "iap" as a search term--or conduct a specific search, then search within your results for "iap." When you have found an image you would like to use, open the image detail page to view the image. Scroll down to the end of the image data and click the "Request IAP" button. You will then need to fill out a form in order to receive the TIFF file.

Creative Commons Zero images

CC Zero or CC0 Public Domain Dedication License – “No Rights Reserved”

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has made over 375,000 images from their collection available in Artstor via a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. These images are part of the public domain and can be used freely.

To find these images in the Artstor Workspace, search for "creative commons zero." Or, conduct a specific search, then search within your results for "creative commons zero."

Read more about CC0 here:

Other images

If the image you would like to use is not included in the above categories, you can still seek permission to use the image. View the image detail page of the image you would like to use. In the data, scroll down to the "Rights" field. You can contact the rights holder for the image and request permission for use. In the example below, you would contact the Andy Warhol Foundation.



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