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IB Theatre - Director's Notebook (last assessment 2023): Plays from Other European Countries

This guide provides resources for the Director's Notebook (Task 2) external assessment for IB Theatre (last assessment 2023)..

Plays by European Playwrights

Find Drama for Students articles and WSA Library books with plays written by the  playwrights listed below, from these countries:

Austria Austria Czech Rep.  Czech Republic Germany Germany
Italy Italy Netherlands Norway Norway Norway
Spain  Sweden Sweden Switzerland Switzerland

 Also see:

Digital Theatre Plus - films of leading theatre productions
Drama Online - films of National Theatre productions

Writers with plays in the WSA library are marked with: 

Bertolt Brecht  ( 1898 - 1956 )  Germany
Antonio Buero Vallejo  ( 1916 - 2000 )  
Pedro Calderón de la Barca  ( 1600 - 1681 )  
Josef Čapek  (1887 - 1948 )  Czech Republic
Karel Čapek  ( 1890 - 1938 )  Czech Republic  
Jan de Hartog  ( 1914 - 2002 )  Norway
Dario Fo  ( 1926 - )  Italy
Max Frisch  ( 1911 - 1991 )  Switzerland

Natalia Ginzburg  ( 1916 - 1991 )  Italy
Carlo Goldoni  ( 1707 - 1793 )  Italy

Václav Havel  ( 1936 - 2011 )  Czech Republic  
Hugo von Hofmannsthal  ( 1874 - 1929 )  Austria
Henrik Ibsen  ( 1828 - 1906 )  Norway  
Federico García Lorca  ( 1898 - 1936 )  

Luigi Pirandello  ( 1867 - 1936 )  Italy
August Strindberg  ( 1849 - 1912 )  Sweden
Peter Weiss  ( 1916 - 1982 )  Sweden

Digital Theatre Plus

Drama Online

Karel Čapek

Václav Havel

Includes 'Protest' by Václav Havel:  Ferdinand Vanek, the eternal dissident, is approached by a friend whose future son-in-law, a song writer/singer and member of an opposition party, has been arrested. Vanek is asked to formulate a protest resolution, collect signatures and activate interest abroad so that his friend can save his pregnant daughter's intended spouse without endangering his comfortable middle class existence.

Includes 'Largo Desolato' by Václav Havel:  A vivid and terrifying portrait of the writer in a totalitarian state.  Professor Leopold Nettles is the author of a book that contains a troublesome paragraph. Accused of disturbing the intellectual peace, he is pressed by the government to deny what he has written. Internal demons join the external ones torturing the professor.  

Henrik Ibsen

Includes 'A Doll's House' by Henrik Ibsen:  A drama of marriage and the individual that portrays a controlling husband Torvald Helmer and his wife Nora, a submissive young woman who, when their idealized homelife collapses, comes to the realization that she must finally close the door on her husband, children, and life in "a doll's house" in order to find and live as her true self.


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