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IB Theatre - Director's Notebook (last assessment 2023): Greek & Roman Plays

This guide provides resources for the Director's Notebook (Task 2) external assessment for IB Theatre (last assessment 2023)..

Plays by Greek & Roman Playwrights

Find Drama for Students articles and WSA Library books with plays from the Greek and Roman playwrights listed below.  Also see:

Digital Theatre Plus - films of leading theatre productions
Drama Online - films of National Theatre productions

Writers with plays in the WSA library are marked with:   

Aeschylus  ( 525 BC - c. 456 BC )  
Aristophanes  ( 450 BC - 388 BC )
Euripides  ( 480 BC - 406 BC )  
Plautus  ( c. 254 BC - c. 184 BC )  
Sophocles  ( c. 496 BC - c. 406 BC )  

Digital Theatre Plus

Drama Online





Includes 'Oedipus the King' by Sophocles:  The classic Greek tragedy about Oedipus, a king who inadvertantly kills his father and marries his mother.


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