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IB Theatre - Director's Notebook: Plays from Africa, Asia, & South America

This guide provides resources for the Director's Notebook (Task 2) external assessment for IB Theatre.

Plays by Asian, African, & South American Playwrights

Find Drama for Students articles and WSA Library books with plays written by the  playwrights listed below, from these countries:

China  China" Guatemala  Guatemala India  India
Japan  Japan Mexico  Mexico Nigeria  Nigeria
South Africa Switzerland Venezuela Venezuela

 Also see:

Digital Theatre Plus - for films of theatre productions

Writers with plays in the WSA library are marked with: 

Kobo Abe  ( 1924 - 1993 )  Japan  
Emilio Carballido  ( 1925 - )  Mexico
John Pepper Clark  ( 1935 - )  Nigeria
Athol Fugard  ( 1932 - )  Switzerland  
Moisés Kaufman  ( 1963 - )  Venezuela
Zeami Motokiyo  ( 1363 - c. 1443 )  Japan  
Carlos Solórzano  ( 1922 - )  Guatemala
Wole Soyinka  ( 1934 - )  Norway
Rabindranath Tagore  ( 1861 - 1941 )  India
Gao Xingjian  ( 1940 - )  China"

Digital Theatre Plus

Kobo Abe

Includes 'The Man Who Turned into a Stick' by Kobo Abe:  Two hippies come across a stick. The stick is without meaning to them until two individuals appear with great interest in the stick and offer to purchase it from them. These individuals turn out to be agents from hell given the task of surveying what objects the dead turn into.The dead man, trapped inside the stick, is left alone for eternity.

Athol Fugard

Zeami Motokiyo

Includes 'Izutsu' ('The Well Curb') by Zeami Motokiyo:  A traveling priest stops at the Ariwara Temple where a beautiful woman appears offering water and flowers at the grave of the ancient poet Ariwara no Narihira. She tells of the relationship of Narihira and the daughter of Ki no Aritsune, known as the “well curb lady”, and finally reveals that she is, in fact, the spirit of that woman. She disappears and after the priest prays for her, she reappears wearing the costume of Narihira. She dances, and then vanishes at dawn 


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